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Suez Canal finally back open after 6 days

Suez Canal finally back open after 6 days clogged with the Ever Given causes shipping stall of $1B USD

Sources are NewsWeek, BBC News, and Wall Street Journal

The Suez canal is finally open. After 6 days of pulling, digging, tugging, and unloading the Ever Given Ship which was stuck in an awkward position, the calamity caused $1B USD worth in physical and financial damages.

The boat stuck in an awkward position for 6 days with tugboats trying to get it free.

Boats in line waiting to get through the Suez canal.

The Suez Canal is an artificial canal used to ship things faster without having to go around the tip of Africa. That is how we get parts from China to European manufacturers!

They got the Ever Given out of the way by floating it higher by removing some of the containers. Now I can get that new computer I want!!!

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