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Strawberry vs. Mango: Fatima and Lea will decide!

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Hi, I think that strawberries are much better than mangoes. Strawberries have less than half the calories of mangoes mainly because they’re low in sugar – they have almost three times less sugar than mangoes. They also have about twice as much calcium and vitamin C and more fibre. Mangoes have more beta-carotene and are still a healthy choice, but overall, strawberries take the cake (they go better with cake) they Also go way better with chocolate.


Hi I think that mango is better than strawberry

Because strawberry rots really fast so you need to eat them all in the same day. Allso mangos are not souer like strawberries. Mango has a lot of vitamin E. It has 0.9 mg. But strawberries only have 0.3 mg. Yikes! Another good reason is that mangoes are more drop-friendly. You eat the skin of strawberries so if one falls, you can’t eat it. It;s also hard to chop off the dirty part, since it’s so small. If a mango falls, it’s ok because you can either peel off the skin or chop the dirty part off. Also, you have to peel off the stems and leaves from strawberries. Yikes! This is why mango is better than strawberry.

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