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Saint Jerome

Saint Jerome



Hi everyone! This is a religious/cultural article that some people may not believe in. Please do not disrespect, mock, or make fun of this article just because it is a belief that you do not believe in. Please be respectful and remember, always accept other religions/cultures because it helps you grow in knowledge about the topic.

Could you perform a task that would take 30 years? Saint Jerome did. He was called by Pope Damasus to translate the Bible into Latin. Jerome was such a brilliant scholar that his translation became the official text of the Catholic Church. Born in Eastern Europe in the 300s, Jerome was a man of extremes. He had a fierce temper and strong opinions but had an equally intense love for Jesus Christ. Through his writings, Saint Jerome shared God’s word with us. Like Jerome, we go forth to share the Word. We can ask Saint Jerome to help us grow in our love of the Scriptures.

Thanks for reading and staying respectful.

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