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AAAAAAAAH! As of Wednesday evening at midnight, Montreal, as well as Chaudiere-Appalaches and Laval, are going to move to the red zone, for real this time.

You might ask about students at recess. Does it contribute to community spread? No. The schools are not going to close, the government says. I’m sorry, but this is NOT going to work.

Bars and restaurants are also going to close. In bars and restaurants, there’s lots of community spread. I think that’s a very wise choice.

Also, home gatherings and parties are now prohibited. There are NO visitors allowed into your house except in extreme situations. It’s definitely not the time to have a birthday party.

Legault also said to avoid socializing for the next 28 days. I’m very concerned about the situation of the pandemic, and I really hope that in 28 days, it will start to get better. However, for that to happen, everyone has to work hard.

When - no, if. IF it starts to get better in 28 days, then it’s a question of balance. If things start to open too fast, we’re back to square one. The situation is at its limit.

Legault also gave a few messages. Obviously, the two-metre rule is now enforced. Another announcement is that when we change colors, the alert level intensifies. I saved the best for last: this coronavirus pandemic is not in the hands of the government. It’s in ours. We are the ones who have power. Use it wisely.

On a slightly funnier note, since these new rules will only apply as of Wednesday evening at midnight, I really hope that people won’t take advantage of the next 48 hours to go crazy, since the rules don’t apply yet…

But please, please start now. Why wait two days? For me, I’m going to start tomorrow morning. The earlier, the better!

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