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Quebec makes masks mandatory in indoor public spaces

François Legault announces that the new rules will apply as of next Saturday

“It's better to wear a mask than to be confined at home," said Premier François Legault on Monday afternoon. "It's not fun wearing a mask, but it's essential."

The rule applies to everyone age 12 and up, although Legault said even children as young as two years old could be encouraged to wear a mask. Well, better safe than sorry!

Legault said the government took time before making masks mandatory to get people used to the two-metre distancing rule, which he said is the most important one to follow. "I am asking all Quebecers to collaborate. We need to respect the two-metre [rule]," Legault said. He also stressed the importance of keeping gatherings to a maximum of 10 people.

Businesses are responsible for making sure that everyone wears masks. If not, the fine can be up to $6,000. Whoa! You guys better make sure you’re wearing masks before you go into your favorite store… Stay tuned for next week’s newspaper to find out how to make your own homemade mask!

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