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Polar Vortex Article

Polar Vortex Article - By Iris

Right now, there is a polar vortex speeding across the US; shedding tons of snow and plummeting temperatures to below zero. According to CNN, “Within the next seven days, 40 million people could experience temperatures sub-zero.”.

But, what is a polar vortex, and where does it come from? A polar vortex always exists in the poles, but in the winter, the wind can blow the cold air down to other parts of the world.

Record-low temperatures in many regions are expected on Valentine’s Weekend and the days beyond, as well as lots of snow.

Here are some tips to stay warm in the cold weather!

  1. Bundle up! This may seem obvious, but if you are going to be outside for more than 5 minutes, make sure you are wearing lots of layers, and almost all of your skin is protected from the wind.

  2. Cover your face! Wearing a face mask is not only important to slow the spread of diseases, but it also keeps your face warm and lowers the risk of frostbite.

  3. Stay in if you can! Try to avoid spending long periods of time outside, and be sure to drink warm liquids and get cozy when you get back inside!

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