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Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief- Meet the Characters

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief- Meet the Characters


Percy Jacson and the Lightning Thief is a book by Rick Riordan. Percy is the main character who is a half-blood. Annabeth is the daughter of Athena and is very smart. Grover is a half man-half goat but is known as a satyr who can talk to animals. Percy, Annabeth, and Grover will help him find the lightning bolt but will encounter many challenges along the way.

Percy is an important person/main person in the story. The story mostly circles around him. An example is that Annabeth and Grover help him the whole story since it circles around him trying to retrieve the lightning bolt. He is also the main character. An example is because the book is named after him and his goal. In addition to Percy, Annabeth is another important character.

Annabeth, the daughter of the goddess Athena, helps Percy achieve his goal of returning the lightning bolt. Annabeth is one of the characters who helps Percy on his quest. An example is when Annabeth says she will come with Percy on his quest. Annabeth is pretty smart. She tells Percy that Camp Half-Blood is sealed to keep monsters out. Finally, the last of the trio is Grover.

Grover, a goat-boy, also known as a satyr, is one of Percy’s closest friends. Grover can talk to animals since he is a satyr. He influenced the story to help free the animals from the circus which leads to them escaping too. Grover is a good friend of Percy. Grover was assigned to go to Yancy Academy and eventually became close friends. Grover has a great influence on the story by being a friend and releasing the animals from the circus which helps them through their journey.

With Percy being a half blood and the son of Poseiden with water powers, Annabeth being the daughter of Athena and being smart, and Grover being a satyr who can talk to animals, they all have an influence on the story. With these great characters, they are able to overcome great challenges and obstacles and eventually, find the lost lightning bolt.

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