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News From the USA: West Coast Wildfires

News From the USA: West Coast Wildfires - By Skye

This little part in the parentheses was me 2 weeks ago.

(looks at the air quality)


(checks it to make sure it’s right)



Ok. I know this news is just a little bit old, but still. There are still fires, even after the rainstorms. This is big news no matter if it is old news or new. I just thought I might get it out there.

On the west coast of the US, they have been having wildfires for a little bit. Especially California and Oregon. I know this because I actually live in Oregon, and we were panicking a little bit because the air quality was climbing, and climbing, and climbing until it was in the high 400s-500s!! That’s pretty polluted. I know that some people chose to escape it. Some people didn’t. But either way, it was pretty terrifying. The fires themselves were mostly in westish central and a tiny bit eastern Oregon, and a little bit in Washington and California. However, the pollution from it still drifted over to where I live. Most of the pollution, I assume, because—well, I just told you up above. The air quality was in the 400-500s.

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