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My Story- How I came to CookyLela News

My Story- How I came to CookyLela News


Hello! Most of you guys know that I’m new to CLN and that I came about a month ago. I think that is an important story that you guys would like.

It all started when my dad signed me up for an Outschool class where we learned coding and how to hack Cookie Clicker which is a popular web game (Sign up or look at class here). On that call, I met Lela Star. I saw her for about a month on the calls. The teacher said we could share our Discords so we did. She gave me hers and we all started a chat called “The Hacking Chat.” One day, I hop on discord and I see something never like anything before. A CookyLela News link. Lela Star asked, “what do u guys think?” I liked it. I asked if I could write an article and she said, “wanna join and write for us?” I answered yes and I wrote my first article called “What to do with old devices”

I hope you guys enjoyed my CLN story and I hope that maybe some of you will join our site to write for us by emailing and you will receive a form that you have to take. In the email, feel free to tell us a little bit about yourself and maybe a small, basic resume.


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