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My Monolouge

My Monolouge


Hey Guys! As some of the CLN employees know, I am in my school drama club. We performed monologues and a play on Youtube. Most of you don’t know what a monologue is. A monologue is basically a short story that you perform with dramatic talk and hand movements. This is the one I performed.

As a fork, I can proudly say that we are the superior utensils. I was talking to spoon the other day and she was all braggy about how they used her for soup AND ice cream the other night. Pffft. That’s nothin. I have the ability to STAB and POKE and SPEAR. Spoon said, “Oh yeah, what about stirring?” Well, I can do that too. Yesterday morning, the big lady human used me to stir cream into her coffee, and it wasn’t just because all the spoons were dirty like spoon said. Knives? Well, they generally keep quiet because we all know they have anger problems. Especially the steak knives. Forks are the friendliest. Everyone knows that. Oops. Gott run. Gonna get used again. Yum, pancakes!

What did you think? Tell me in the comments below and give a like. Thank you for all the support!

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