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My 2022 Rose Parade Experience

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

My 2022 Rose Parade Experience

By: Tay

The Photo above is a different rose parade

It was a lot of fun! But, you are probably thinking, “Everyone loves watching the Rose Parade”. Well, I wasn’t watching the Rose Parade. I was in the parade, as a horse pooper scooper. I got this opportunity through a group I am a part of, where the tournament of roses asked if we would like to volunteer as pooper scoopers.

We walked up and down Orange Grove picking up horse poop along the way while horses were waiting for their entry into the parade. They did not want us on TV Corner (where they film all the floats), where the turn from Orange Grove turns into Colorado (probably because the pooper scoopers get more attention than the floats with the crowd screaming “scoop that poop”. Me and 2 other friends were put into the parade after TV Corner, and we walked the rest of the 5 mile parade. We got the crowd going and sometimes, people come up to me to throw away their trash in the poop can (The tournament of roses turns it into manure). Some guy came up to us and took a family photo with us, in the middle of the parade. I was also behind one of the news people on Channel 7. It was soooooooooo fun!

Afterwards, we ate in and out. It was sooooo good.

A few days before, with my Boy Scout Troop, I helped set up the Handicapped section of the parade by the paseo. That was really fun.

Thanks for reading!

And Happy New Year!

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