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Did you know the mosquito can spread parasites that can cause some of the world’s deadliest diseases? The mosquito is a small, blood- sucking insect that is very slim. This animal is unique but bad because it is one of the only insects that sucks blood besides ticks and fleas.

The mosquito has many unique features. Most kinds of mosquitoes are black, brown, gray, or tan. Many species have white or light-colored markings on their backs, legs, or wings. A few kinds are bright blue or green, and seem to shine with coppery or golden lights. Before a mosquito can spread a disease, they feed on infected birds. Then, they become infected. Last, the mosquito exchanges the infected liquid for human or animal blood. These details describe what the mosquito looks like and how it spreads diseases.

The mosquito habitat can almost be any habitat. They also have the exception of cold weather. Mosquitoes live in warm areas around the world. They like marshes, forests and moist ground the most. They hide in bushes, weeds and in tall grasses. For the mosquito to live in a certain habitat, there has to be water or moist ground. As a result, the mosquito is attracted to water. This affects where the mosquito lives.

Female and male mosquitoes both have very different diets. Male mosquitoes drink nectar from sweet flowers. Female mosquitoes drink blood from animals and humans. Only a few types of species drink blood from humans. Mosquitoes are faced with dangers such as habitat loss, exterminators, and loss of food. Mosquitoes' natural challenges are habitat disturbances. These insects mostly do not live past the first or second stage of their short lives. Researchers have found it is possible for humans to live without mosquitoes, due to the diseases they cause.

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Lela Star
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