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Minecraft Hypixel Down for 24+ Hours: DDoS Attack

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Minecraft Hypixel Down for 24+ Hours: DDoS Attack

By Lela S.

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“After hypixel went down I felt like a big piece of my life went away.” - Sumove (the leader of my guild, Introverted - shoutout to you guys). I’ll bet that a lot of people feel this way too. Including me and my cousins, Nate and Arthur.

At around 3:30 PM on June 15, Hypixel started to experience connection issues. My normal ping (connection - the lower ping, the best connection) here in Montreal, Canada, is normally between 10 and 30. This is considered a really good ping. However, the average ping that was measured around that time spiked to 348, according to Hypixel Status. On that day, though, I wasn’t allowed to play Minecraft. However, from the information I received from the members of my guild, and from my IRL friends who also play Minecraft, there was some sort of queue, and their pings were over 500. As well as that, they kept getting disconnected. “What on earth is up with Hypixel today?” Those were the kind of messages that filled my notification center.

Later that day, Hypixel identified the issue and implemented some changes. However, according to my guildmates, this made no difference. They were still experiencing issues with the server. At around 8:00 PM, Hypixel announced that the issues were persisting, so they would work on a long term solution, which would take longer than expected.

On June 16, I was allowed to play Minecraft. Technically, though, I wasn’t playing… I was reporting news? Just kidding! Anyway, when I did join, there was a queue. The message shown on the screen was “You are #8131 in the queue.” The numbers kept going down, but REALLY SLOWLY. In the chat, there was a message that said something along the lines of “The server is currently full and you have been placed in a queue. Purchase VIP, VIP+, MVP or MVP+ to skip the queue at” This seemed a little fishy to me, but I decided to wait for the queue. After all, one of my friends was 30,000th, and I was one of the lucky ones. After waiting around five to ten minutes, I finally got onto the server. This time, though, my ping was around 150, compared to my usual 15. I played some Bed Wars for a bit, with my friend JustAnIndividual (shoutout to you too!), but I kept getting disconnected. Strangely, though, after waiting once at the start for the queue, I didn’t need to queue anymore, it just took a really long time for me to connect to the server in the first place (around 20-30 seconds).

The next day, June 17, since it was my elementary school graduation, the same thing happened. I had to wait in a queue. At around 8 PM that day, though, right after I had finished playing, I received a notification from my guild. Hypixel had gotten DDoS attacked.

“We will be taking down the Hypixel Network for emergency maintenance. This maintenance begins now and will last for at least 24 hours. Should we choose to extend this downtime, we will post an update on this news post.

During this time we will be reworking the network to ensure the issues we have been having these last few days don't happen again.

The situation is: Our host is currently under large-scale DDoS attacks and they are actively working to resolve the situation. We are assisting them the best we can, which is why we have to put the server on maintenance during this process.”

What is a DDoS attack? DDoS attacks are when one host infects multiple computers with a virus. The users might not even know that they are being used, like zombies. Your computer might even be one of those, and you might not even know it! Once enough computers have been infected with this virus, these computers spam a server or website so that the server will overflow with internet traffic, or viewers in the case of CLN. On Hypixel, this not only happened to the website, but also to the Minecraft server. Most likely, this is why they implemented a queue. However, over the next few days, the flow became too strong for the server to handle, which is why Hypixel went into emergency maintenance.








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