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Luna Lanlay’s diary

Luna Lanlay’s diary

By Elena


Dear diary,

I woke up around 6:00am I was EXHAUSTED. I went down to eat some breakfast and I found some leftover cake from my birthday party. After that, I brought my dog outside in my garden. He did his business outside and then I called him and he ran back inside. I ate my breakfast and then my mom came downstairs to eat hers.

Mom: If you don’t mind, I will go do my usual morning walk.

Me: I don’t mind at all! Go ahead mom.

Mom: I will get ready and then I will go

Mom went back upstairs to get dressed, and my brother came down around 7:00am to eat his breakfast.

Me: Good morning.

My brother: Hi.

He sounded like he was still half asleep

Me: are you ok? You sound tired

My brother: That's because I am!

Me: Just eat. You will have more energy

My brother: Fine

As usual my dad came around 7:30 to make some orange juice for my family and I.

Dad: Good morning guys!

Me: Hi dad

My brother: sup

We all started laughing when my brother said “sup”

After that I heard a door opening and then closing. I didn’t get scared because I knew that was my mom going on her morning walk.

Usually when mom goes on her walks, I just sit there and read a book. But this time I went outside and played with my dog. I just threw our soccer ball at him and he catches it in the air. It is really fun for me and him.

30 minutes later

I see my mom coming in the house from the main door.

Me: Glad to see you!

My mom: Me too. I was thinking, maybe we should go on a nice walk! Don’t you think?

Me: That would be great! I was getting bored anyway.

We get in the house as quickly as possible, to tell my dad and my brother our idea. They loved it!

Mom: Let’s go get ready! We are going to walk our dog. We need to start the training as soon as possible!

Let me explain, our dog is sometimes too “excited” when we walk him. He pulls the leash a lot. So we wanted to start training him our way, not any trainer's way.

10 minutes later

Me: I am ready to go!

My brother: So am I!

Dad: Almost ready.

Mom: Coming!

A bit later, we were all ready to go! We put our dog, Rex his collar and then we went down to put on our winter jackets.

Before we went in the car my dad brought Rex to do his business outside and not in the car. A few moments later we were ready to go!

Dad: I am gonna drive!

Mom: fine

15 minutes later

Me: Wow this is a nice place!

Dad: Wait till we get in the forest!

Mom: We have a problem…

Dad: What problem?

Mom: Dogs are not allowed!

My brother: WHY!!!

Dad: Well let’s go home.

Mom: Wait! We could just walk on the sidewalk.

My brother: Ok! But I also saw a nice place over there!

Me: So let's go there!

After that, we went back in the car and drove to the place that our brother showed us.

Me: Wait! There is a dog park there!

We went over to the dog park and saw that there was no dog in there.

So instead we played tag with Rex.

It was really fun. The little rocks were our base and Rex was the tag.

After we ran a lot we drove back home. When we got back home it was around 12:00pm. We ate vegetable soup with some bread.

At 1:30pm we went outside to play with Rex, and at 2:00 we came back inside. Me and my brother played dinosaur hunter. It was really fun.

Then,around 2:30, we watched a movie with my mom and my brother.

After the movie, I did my usual shower of the day and washed my hair.

Then, I had a lesson with my tutor. And then, it was time for us to eat our sushi! Me and my brother watched ultimate beastmaster on Netflix

Me: I love this show!

My brother: I love when people fall!

We laughed

Usually after we ate and watch some TV we read our books, and that’s what we did.

At 10:00pm it was time for us to go to bed. I was exhausted.

Mom: Good night sweetie

She told me

Me: Night mom.

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