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iPhone 13

iPhone 13

By Fatoom

Introduced on September 14, the iPhone 13 is Apple's newest iPhone, apple launched the iPhone thirteen with new colors and features including the color pink apple did do rose gold before but never pink iPhones. My personal favorite is the baby blue I actually started to regret buying a phone when the iPhone 13 came out. But surprisingly I only saw 2 people in public having it, at the moment I have the iPhone 11 I had it for about a year and a half and my color picking then well not my style anymore but I think I should keep this phone for at least 2 more years till I buy a new one. But if you are planning to buy a phone you should buy the i phone 13 hear are 3 reasons why:

  1. Apple improved on the camera

  2. it has a longer battery life

  3. It has an ​​A15 Bionic Chip

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