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Ifixit: Fix the World!

Ifixit: Fix the World!


Ifixit is a company that I use to find Iphone parts to repair my dad’s old iphone 7 and soon my uncle’s iPhone X! You can buy parts, tools, and merchandise from them to make your fixing the world project easier. It comes with free repair guides where you can find any of your home appliances, devices, consoles, vehicles, the list goes on and on! Check it out if your computer is broken, your phone is cracked, or your tablet battery is dead and wants a cheap repair.

It started in 2003 by some guys named Luke and Kyle in a Cal Poly dorm room, San Luis Obispo. They had an iBook that broke. They couldn’t find a cheap repair, so they bought some parts to fix it themselves. There was one problem, they didn’t have a repair guide. So they tinkered around,and with some trial and error, they got it fixed! This great experience gave the idea of making a site where users could buy cheap tools and parts with free repair guides. This site was called Ifixit, because of the personal fixing experience.

But now they have some competition. Apple announced a self-repair service that will start in January 2022 where you can buy official Apple parts to fix your device. Read it here:

Microsoft also lifted the bars for Microsoft device 3rd party repair.

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