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How to Write an Article for CLN

How to Write an Article for CLN


Source: CLN

Hey guys! Today we will be writing an article on how to write an article. Let’s start!

  1. Start off with a name and your pretend name. Write this on a google doc.

  2. Below that, put your source and give a link so that viewers can see it.

  3. Insert a photo of what your article is about. I put a pencil and a paper showing writing an article.

  4. Put an intro below the photo. The underlined text above would be an intro describing what you are writing.

  5. Write the information below. Give a good amount of info. It should be at least half a page long. The bolded text is your info.

  6. Say a goodbye like “See you later” or “That’s all for today.” That is the italicised text below.

  7. Link another article related to the one you are writing. I’m going to link an article below the goodbye about Lela’s How To Write A Book Review article.

  8. Copy and paste your article into our guest post. Fill out name, topic of article,and contacts. Submit.

That’s all for today! Hopefully, you contribute to our site!

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