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How to train your dog: part two

How to train your dog: part two

Down: this trick will get your dog to lay down

First tell your dog to sit. Then try to gently put his legs down if it works instantly reward him.

“NOTE: for my dog it took a lot of tries so its ok if your dog dosen’t get it the first time.”

Place: this trick will make your dog go its bed just by telling him “place!”

First go on your dog bed and tell your dog “come” and reward him.

When he gets on his bed, tell him down and after “stay”. Make him stay longer and longer. Also go farther and farther. Don’t forget to reward him! ;-)

Jump: most people don’t like their dog “jump” on them but with this trick YOU tell them to jump on you! Or in the air...

First grab a dog treat and put it in the air (or on you if you want your dog to jump on you.) then your dog will try to get the treat by jumping (so give it to him if he jumps.) When he gets better on jumping with the treat just put your hand (without the treat in it) (put the treat in the other hand) and if he jumps reward him!

Hope you like the tricks! And come back to see my next articles about dogs! (comming soon!)

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