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How to train your dog - By Emily

How to train your dog - By Emily

Hi this is Emily, I am going to teach you how to make your dog do cool tricks!

SIT: tell your dog the command “sit”. If he doesn't understand the first time this is totally ok. After several times telling him “sit” he will be tired of standing so he will sit. Instantly reward him if he does it well.

COME: first call your dog with his name. After a few times calling him he will come. Reward him. Then, do it again but tell your dog’s name and “come”. If he comes to you, then reward him. Now try without telling his name if he doesn't come it means that he is not ready for this step yet.

STAY: this will teach your dog to stay when you go somewhere and you do not want him to go with you, so you tell him the command “stay”.

First tell him to sit. Then wait a little moment and after reward him. If he doesn't jump on you or go back up you should reward him. Each time you do so, increase the time. Then tell him: “stay”. When your dog stays well, try to walk slowly away (more and more each time). If he goes after you it is okay. Just try several times. YOUR DOG WILL ULTIMATELY GET IT!

Next time, should you be interested, I am going to publish a new dog tricks article. So please let me know if you would like it! Please just check out every time the new newspaper comes out!

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