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How to make the world a better place

How to make the world a better place


First, ask yourself what you wish were better. By focusing on what you think should be improved, you may see steps you can take toward that goal.

Many people get hung up on wanting to make a HUGE difference. But actions and results don’t have to be gigantic to be meaningful.

Take Liam for example. After he’d read about homelessness, he wanted to make a difference. He realized he could only make a few lunches for people who needed one. So he did. He did NOT say, “There’s nothing I can do. It’s too big of a problem.” His goal was not to solve it but to help. For the people who got those lunches, he made things better.

Kids like Liam can make a difference by starting with a desire to help and following it up with a little action. The action may grow over time, but it often starts off small.

Brainstorm ideas with a parent. Every helpful act you do, no matter how small, makes the world a better place. And your actions just might inspire others to act too.

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