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How To Make Soap

Remember last time when i told you how to make soap well today i will show you how.Are you ready? Let's get started.


1.whithe melted soap base 

2. Soap colorant 

3. Silicon mold 


Step 1 melt at least 1 cup of your soap for 30 second 

Step 2  and poor into mold 

Step 3 now add soap colorant and mix

Step 4 give a quick spray  of alcohol to avoid bubbles

Step 5 then pop them in the fridge

Step 6 now get the soap out of the mold and start cutting shapes

Step 7 put the shape into a new mold 

Step 8 melt the rest of your soap base 

Step 9 for 1 minute melt the rest of your soap base and add essential oil

Step 10 poor the rest of your soap base on the on the mold were we put the chopped soap base 

Step 11 pop them in the fridge for 30 min

Step 12 remove them from the mold and cut the in the middle truste me

Note: Felicia, our CEO Author, is soon going to write an article about how soap works, so stay tuned!

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