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How to make QUICK & EASY Money on Ebay as a kid!

How to make QUICK & EASY Money on Ebay as a kid!

By - TAY


Hey guys! Today I want to show you how to make money on Ebay as a kid. I made $100 USD by selling my old Xbox 360 online! So let’s see if it can work for you guys too!

  1. Find things you can sell. Have an old console? Have some dresses and heels that your mom does not fit? Have any old furniture, books, or electronic devices?

Don’t want to sell your device? Click here for some advice.

  1. Click here to put up an item to sell.

  2. Take photos of your item. Make a good description telling them what it is, what is the condition, and what is wrong with your item that you are selling.

  3. Ask the adult to help clarify the other things like the weight, kind, company, and year.

There you go!

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