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How to make clay from dirt outside

How to make clay from dirt outside

By - KitKat

A Lot of us like to play outside. Well today I will show you how to make clay from mud outside! Let’s start!

  1. Take the soil and put it into the strainer.and shake the strainer to filter out the leaves and rocks. You will end up with a fine powdery dirt substance that feels like sand except softer.

  2. Put your filtered dirt into a bucket and add water. Mix it well. Wait 5 hrs.

  3. Pour all the water out till you see the clay at the bottom. Keep on pouring until all that is left is clay at the bottom!

  4. Take the clay and bag it up in a cloth and then tie it to a pole or tree to get all the remaining water out. Wait 12 hrs.

  5. After 12 hrs. unwrap your clay.

There you have it CookyLela Fans.

See Ya!!!

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