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How to make a edible stress ball

How to make a edible stress ball

By: Ellie Alan

My friend called Louise gave me the recipe to make these edible stress balls, and now I make plenty of them with all sorts of colours! So here are the ingredients;

1 cups of flour

Half a cup of sugar

Food colouring (as much as you need)

3 cups of water

A bowl

And some vitawrap

An elastic

Grab the bowl that you took and pour the cup of flour in the bowl.

After you put the cup of flour, start pouring the water in the bowl and then mix. When you mixed well, add the sugar in the bowl and continue mixing.

After that, put the food colouring for the colour you’d like!

When the food colouring is added, you know that the mixture is ready to be placed in the vita wrap.

To place it in the vita wrap might be a little hard, and the first time for me was the hardest. So if you don’t make it it’s ok.

So you put the vitawrap on the table and pour the mixture on the vita wrap and roll the vitawrap around the mixture. Then, grab the elastic you brought and put the elastic around the extra parts of vitawrap. And voila!

This is your new edible stress ball!

This article was made by: Ellie Alan

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