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How to make a DIY Headband

How to make a DIY Headband - By Felicia

You will need:

White or patterned fabric | plastic headband | hot glue gun | measuring tape or ruler | needle and thread | scissors | acrylic paint | paint brushes.

Start by cutting a rectangle of fabric with 18x11 inch or 45x28 cm, and a smaller one for the middle part of the headband with 6x4.5 inch or 15x12 cm.

Paint the fabric all over with random brush strokes in different colors, and once you have enough color, set it aside to dry and paint the smaller rectangle with the same technique.

Fold the fabric in half, right sides together and use a fine line of hot glue to hold.

Gather the ends on both sides, making a small stitch to secure.

Cut 2 new small rectangles of fabric, and fold the edges inside, and hold it using a bit of glue.

Cover the end of the headband, by first folding the fabric in half, and wrapping it around.

Grab the smaller rectangle that you painted, and fold the sides inside

Place the right sides together and glue the edges, turn the right side out, slide it onto the headband.

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