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How to dye a hoodie

How to dye a hoodie - By Elena

About some days ago I went to this birthday party and we made these tie-dye shirts and mine turned out really cool. I will show you.

step one: Find or buy a white shirt or hoodie..

Step two: get some dye to put on the piece of clothing.

Step three: go outside and bring all the materials. It's better outside so you don’t put dye on the floor or something.

Step four: put the piece of cloth on a tray that you don’t use and then fold it so then it becomes like a stick. It has to be very thin and long.

Step five: then get some elastics and put the elastics like sections on the clothing like in four or six sections, it depends on how thin you want the sections.

Step six:then you could start dyeing in the sections in between the elastics and you could use the colors you want. I used the colors violet and blue and mine turned out like a galaxy hoodie.

Step seven: after you finished putting the dye on one side turn the piece of cloth and then do the same pattern.

Step eight:after you are done leave it like that for twenty four hours

Step nine: after the twenty four hours take out the elastics

Step ten:after taking off the elastics go to a sink and rice the extra dye with cold water

Step eleven: throw the cloth in the washing machine and then let it dry and voila!!! Your done!

This is my hoodie! It’s kind of like a galaxy type of hoodie!

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