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How To De-Stress In Just 5 Minutes

How To De-Stress In Just 5 Minutes

By Lela S. <?

These days, there’s a lot going on in real life. And that might be the case with your brain, too. How do I finish writing this CookyLela News article in the meager 15 minutes I have left to write? How do I find the time to complete the science experiment kit that I was supposed to complete a month ago? How do I study for all three tests coming up tomorrow when it’s 10 PM and there are ONLY TWO HOURS LEFT IN THE DAY???

If this sounds relatable to you, you’re not alone. On days where you don’t really know what to do anymore, it really helps to have a a few 5-minute stress relieving exercises handy that you can count on to reset your mood before it wrecks your whole day.

  • Pick any pretty or intriguing object in your work space or outside and explore it with sight, sound, and touch. Anything to bring you back to the beauty of life around you.

  • Eat a small piece of a favorite food. Truly savor it and be there for the nuance of scent, texture, and color, as well as fully tasting it.

  • Listen to a song without lyrics, but for full concentration, try to pick out one instrument that you don’t usually focus on. Look up singing bowls, crystal flute tracks, and anything that is purely instrumental. This will help you get out of your head and into your heart.

  • Hang up a necklace with a pendant, set it swinging, and breathe deeply while you watch it swing back and forth. Countless studies have shown that slow and deep breathing can regulate your nervous system and activate your chilled out parasympathetic system within minutes.

  • Ask yourself what you really need to hear to encourage you. Either write it out a few times or set it as a reminder on your phone so you get it as a text a few times today.

  • Spend a few minutes in child's pose because surrendering in this position lets the body know it's safe and calms your nervous system.

  • Wash your face. This is a great reset and refresh for your mind and body.

  • Shake it off. Jumping, shimmying, dancing, and spontaneously moving your body are loved by both the fascia and lymphatic system. Plus, it helps shake off nerves, stress, and any other energetic block you're experiencing.

  • Detach from your devices. All of them if possible. There's a reason sleep experts recommend no devices in your bedroom: They tend to cause anxiety. Put them down, hide them, or consider giving yourself a digital curfew.

  • Make a list of the first 10 things that immediately come to mind when you think about what makes you happiest. Pin the list up somewhere that you can see for the rest of the day and use it as a reminder.

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