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How to clean up your room

How to clean up your room - By Emily

Is your room messy? Do you feel tired of it? Wouldn't you want it to be neat and tidy?

If you do so, I am going to teach you how to clean your bedroom in an easy way!

1.Make a plan

What is the biggest mess in your room?

For example:

  • trash

  • paper and craft

  • clothes

  • books

  • toys


Take a trash bag and put all your trash in it.

Take out the dirty dishes, if any.

note:Take the big pieces first and after the small ones it will

be easier.

3.paper and craft

Take a folder and just put your favorite craft or paper in it.

Throw out the rest.

4. Clothes

Make your bed

Take your clothes out of your drawer and sort them out (you can use your bed).

Put the clothes that are too small for you in a bag and after take it to a charity.

Throw away worn out clothes or the ones with holes.


First take out all your books.

Sort out all of them.

If you have too many books, donate the ones you don’t want anymore.

Throw out the toys that are broken

Give away the toys you don’t play with anymore.

Only keep your favorite ones and store them in a box.


-If you can’t clean your room in on day you can clean 10 items per day

-You can put music to make it more fun to clean up.

-never put something on the floor or it means “not tidy”

-Always have fun!

If you did all these steps you should have a clean room!

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