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How to Actually Achieve a Personal Goal ASAP

How to Actually Achieve a Personal Goal ASAP

By Lela S. :D

Sometimes, personal goals might seem insurmountable. You make a goal to start a workout routine for New Year’s, but you know what happens next. You make a goal to practice typing so fast, you can write five articles for CookyLela News in sixty minutes, but in November, you only have the capacity to write one or two. This article (written in around _ minutes actually) is going to show you HOW to achieve those goals and how to NOT let them descend into a calamitous disaster.

One goal at a time + state your goal explicitly

First of all, choose one goal that you have in mind. On the third of October, I made up my mind, focused on ONE GOAL, and stated it explicitly:


And it’s as simple as that!

Start ASAP

The first step is to start, people, and that applies to everything. That day, 10/03, was conveniently a Saturday, which was a weekend, so I was allowed to play Bedwars.

That morning, I simply logged on to Hypixel and started playing.


Make a plan

I know there’s not a lot of people that will say to start before making a plan, but in this context (and in Kahoot), I started before making a plan, since starting was the first step. I decided to make a plan in my bullet journal:

A page from my Bullet Journal... you can make one too!

As you can see, I compiled a list of tips that I followed every time I played. As well as that, I did the essential math calculations (yes, I’m that kind of person) to figure out how much BWXP (Bedwars Experience) I had to earn per day to reach my half-prestige.

Carry out that plan

Making a plan is no use if you don’t make it work. Every weekend, for one hour a day, I earned more than the necessary experience, and won more games than my minimum. I chewed my Trident strawberry gum every time I played, I used b0mbies’ 80k texture pack, queue dodged my life away, and completed quests.

Do your research

What does it take to reach fifty stars? I typed into the Hypixel website’s search bar. Needless to say, I didn’t get much results for my situation. Instead, a list of “How do I prestige faster” forum posts appeared. I clicked on them anyway.

There were many tips and tricks shared, and I did take them into account, but the one that was shared by all was PARTICIPATE IN QUESTS. Breaking beds is my forte in Bedwars (don’t talk to me about PvP), and sure enough, there’s a whole quest dedicated to that.

It gives you 5000 BWXP per twenty-five beds, but you can only complete it once a week. To my delight, I could easily rack up twelve to fifteen beds per day, which gave me at least one level per week.


When I was on the road to fifty stars, I looked up to my skilled friends (ahem, Electrode). He was (and still is obviously) much, MUCH better than me at Bedwars (209 stars be like), and that’s why I took him as an example of the kind of Bedwars player I wanted to be.

I also looked at superior Bedwars YouTubers, such as gamerboy80, Luvonox, Purpled, and B0MBIES. They served as really great examples, but I mostly focused on achievable goals (yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah).

Have fun and let yourself live :)

Finally, remember one thing: have fun. Let life work its magic. Bump into a friend who you haven’t played Bedwars with in months. Discover the Halloween Update you had no idea was coming. Win a game, look at your stats, and have a heart attack when you realize you’ve just leveled up 3 stars in one day, thanks to the Halloween quests you didn’t know existed. Vibe to Red (Taylor’s Version) while you combo final-kill people off your island.

And this is literally ALL you need. This is simply all you need to accomplish your goals. Thank you so much for reading!

P. S. Yes, I did achieve my goal. I did level up to 50 stars. I did half-prestige two months before my ideal due date, on the ninth of November, on a day where I worked so hard on my homework, that I was allowed to play Minecraft.

Have fun. :)

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