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How do rainbows form?

How do rainbows form?


Hey guys! Have you seen a rainbow before? Well today, I will be telling you how a rainbow is formed! Let’s start!

Rainbows are an awesome surprise during rainy days. But did you know that rainbows are just sunlight and water? When it has just rained, or it is about to rain, there is water in the air. Billions of droplets of water. When sunlight hits the droplets, it shatters and we see all the colors of light.

Light from the sun colors our world. Light can bounce, scatter, shatter, or be absorbed, the way a sponge absorbs water. Light is made of the colors of the rainbow. We see sunlight as white. So when light bounces, it comes back to us as the same color-white. When light is absorbed, it goes away and we see darkness. And we see all different colors when light is scattered or shattered.

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