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Five Fruitful Fruit Facts

Five Fruitful Fruit Facts - By Tay

  1. Fruits used in commercials are most likely fake.

  2. Some oranges aren’t orange.

    1. They aren’t always orange. They can be yellow and even green!

  3. The most expensive fruits in the world are Japanese yubari cantaloupes.

    1. Two of the melons were sold at an auction for $23,500 (USD).

  4. Some of the apples you are eating can be up to a year old.

    1. Kinda gross! This is because apples cannot be grown year round. But they can be kept under cold temperatures to keep nice and yummy.

  5. Cranberries aren’t actually grown under water.

    1. They grow on little plants that are grown in a field where it can be flooded. This field is called a bog. The cranberries have little air gaps that make them float to the top to be harvested!

Have a fruitful day!

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