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Expo Is On The Doors

Expo Is On The Doors

By Fatoom

Hi CookyLela staff and fans. I wrote an article about Expo on July 31 and it did not get many views i think it is because i wrote 2020 wich made people think that it already happened and there is no need to know about it now, but No Expo Is happening soon how soon you may ask, it is happening on Oct 1, 2021 that is less than 3 week. They did not change the name 2020 to 2021 because they spent millions of dollars for posters and decoration that if they change it it will be pricey and wasteful . If you did not read the other atical here is what it said:

Expo 2020 was supposed to be hosted in the year 2020 but due to Covid-19 it is happening on October 1st 2021. Expo will begin in one of the world's most advanced cities Dubai. But before we get into the details, what is the purpose of Expo and when did the first Expo happen? Expo is an event that happens every 5 years where the world showcases the latest inventions that thousands, maybe even millions of people see. The first expo happened in London from May 1, 1862 to Nov 1, 1862. Hope you can make it to Expo 2020. I know I will be there.

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