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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago, Skye here had the idea to create a CLN podcast. Then, we immediately decided to film it during a meeting. I took the recording and edited it, and voila! Now, we have a CookyLela News podcast known as CookyLela Podnews/Pognews, where you'll find exclusive content that isn't covered in articles! You'll also get early notice about the updates (spoiler that isn't a spoiler: CLN App at 15 000 views)!!!!! Once the recording finishes uploading, I'll attach the audio file to this post, and tomorrow, I'll add it to a new section in the newspaper. Ready... Set... GO!

Note: this isn't downloadable on mobile, and it's not the most efficient format, I promise I'll update this as soon as I can

CLN Pognews 1
Download MP3 • 29.04MB

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