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Elizabeth Blackwell

Elizabeth Blackwell


Elizabeth Blackwell once said,” None of us can know what we are capable of until we are tested.” Elizabeth Blackwell wrote several books and lectured widely, but is most famous for being America’s first woman doctor. Blackwell’s education and experiences influenced the type of person she would become and led to her great accomplishments in life.

When Elizabeth Blackwell was growing up, she was homeschooled. In 1832, her family moved to the United States. Elizabeth’s childhood was rough. Her father died in 1838 (six years after moving from Europe to the United States) and she supported her family by opening a school in Cincinnati, Ohio. Elizabeth also had a friend, Mary Donaldson, who was dying of cancer. In those days, they had no effective treatment for cancer. When Elizabeth visited Mary, Mary told her she would have felt much better talking to a woman doctor. These tragedies influenced Elizabeth Blackwell to start her medical studies for her future life.

Elizabeth’s major accomplishment was becoming America’s first woman doctor. She influenced other women to study medicine and many came to Elizabeth for guidance. Because of this action, Blackwell opened up a hospital and medical school with two of her sisters, Emily and Marie, who both graduated Western Reserve University. In 1869, Elizabeth sailed for England and in 1874, Blackwell helped start the London School of Medicine for Women. We can learn bravery and perseverance from Elizabeth Blackwell.

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