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Dog fetches ocean trash

Dog fetches ocean trash - By Tay

Lila the Labador jumps off her owner’s boat and dives into the salty seawater. When she resurfaces, she has a glass bottle in her mouth. Good Girl!

The 10-year-old lab often joins her owner’s cleanup crew when they pick up trash on local beaches and in the water. “I usually just say ‘Go get it Lila!’ and she will run off to pick up the trash,” says owner Alex Schulze, who co-founded a company called 4ocean that sells bracelets and other items made out of recycled materials.

Lily usually collects a few pounds of trash when they walk on the beach. On the boat, she barks to let Alex know that she sees something before diving in.

As a puppy, Lila loved retrieving things, even swimming to the bottom of the family pool to fetch the drain cover, Alex says.

Eventually, they played fetch.”And then she was catching toys way out into the deep end!”

Credit goes to National Geographic

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