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Different types of girls today

Different types of girls today

By Ellie Alan

Soft girl

Soft girl is a type of “character” on tiktok.

The main color of this persona is pink. You also put a lot of pastel colors.

They put a lot of girly makeup and some oversized shirts sometimes.

For the hair, they put pink barretts and pink hair accessories. Sometimes, they even dye their hair pink!


E-girls are a type of gothic girl. The main color is black. In the usual outfits there are a lot of chains, miniskirts and belts. E-girls put on a lot of heavy black makeup.

You can also put beanies and chokers. The hair style is simple. They put pig-tails or their hair down.

VSCO girl

VSCO girls are known for “wanting to save the turtles” from plastic straws.

They always have hydro flasks (a brand of water bottle). For the clothing, VSCO girls usually wear oversized shirts or tube tops. As for the shoes, they wear crocs or vans. VSCO girls ALWAYS have to wear scrunchies. They also wear seashell necklaces. VSCO girls have a lot of different hairstyles. There are hairstyles, like a half-up top knot with headband, a scarf tied ponytail, french braids and half up rolled twists.


A tomboy is usually a girl that acts more like a boy. We can say that a tomboy doesn’t act “feminist”. Tomboys usually wear boy clothing. Less skirts and dresses and more pants. They usually wear jeans but also wear leggings. As for the shirt it can be anything that is not a tube top. As for the hair, they usually do ponytails or leave their hair down.

What type of girl am I?

I would describe myself as a mix of a tomboy and soft girl. I would say that I am 75% tomboy and 25% soft girl. I am a tomboy because I usually play with boys and act like them. I would say that I am 25% soft girl because I sometimes wear “girly” clothing like tops with pastel colors.

What type of girl are you?

Tell me what type of girl you are by taping the button below!

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