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Covid vaccine for 12 to15 years in the UAE

Covid vaccine for 12 to15 years in

the UAE

By omfatoom1

The UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention had recently approved the emergency use of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for the 12-15 age group. Priority will also be given to those who live with elderly people or individuals whose health conditions prevent them from getting the vaccination. My cousin Salha is 4 months older than me. She is 12 at the moment. I am turning 12 in august 18 2021 . She ternt 12 april 18 2021 i am still not able to get the vaccine yet but she is getting it really soon. In my grade 6 class no students have gotten the vaccine yet.

Hope you enjoyed and if you are wondering why i am not writing articles that often it is because i do not live in north america i live in the UAE which is in Asia i also have a different curriculum than most of you i have exams almost every week which makes it hard to balance school and CLN and i can not attend members meets that often.


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