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COVID-19 Updates: May 12

COVID-19 Updates: May 12

By Lela S.

1. Trudeau is planning to get his second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine

In April, our prime minister got his first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Now, we’re in May, and his doctor’s advice for him is to get the second dose. However, he’s not getting it straight away, as it would restrict the supply of the vaccine to people age 45 and older. Or, he might get a mixed-dose vaccine, with his second shot being Pfizer or Moderna.

2. Today, our province has reported 745 new cases and 11 deaths.

The cases are slowly but surely dropping. According to Premier Francois Legault, the province is heading in the “right irection” and getting through the third wave of the pandemic. Meanwhile, today, 74,391 vaccine doses were given for more than 3.9 million shots to date, which includes both of my parents! They got vaccinated on Monday.

3. Walk-in vaccination clinic opens tomorrow at Montreal’s Palais des congrès

This is a really good thing! Hundreds of slots will be available daily, with no appointment necessary. I think that this will allow a lot more people to get vaccinated.The operation will target young people who prefer to just show up rather than book appointments. Vaccinations are now open to people 25 and older. By Friday, all adults will be eligible.


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