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COVID-19 NEWS: The School Plans

COVID-19 NEWS: The School Plans - By Felicia

Students that are in grades 5 and up are going to have to wear masks as soon as school reopens.

But the moment that the student enters the classroom, the mask rule doesn’t apply anymore. As M. Roberge said: “We want to preserve face-to-face contact. Expressions are important.”

The federal guidelines for school administrators recommend that students and teachers respect social distancing and that students over the age of 10 wear masks. While students in the same class will not have to stay two meters apart, the two-metre distance between students and staff members will be mandatory.

Under the updated COVID-19 school guidelines, if a child tests positive for the virus, all parents and staff members of the school will be notified as soon as possible. The infected child will then need to quarantine at home for 14 days before physically returning to class. During that time, they will do all school work from home.

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