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COVID-19 Cases in Quebec hover around 1000

COVID-19 Cases in Quebec hover around 1000

Today, November 1, 2020, is one of the better days: less than 1000. However, 965 COVID cases and 6 deaths in the past 24 hours is still a lot! Plus, 6 deaths in 24 hours is surprising compared to the 15 deaths in the past week. Uh-oh. 

Quebec has now reported 106,981 positive COVID-19 cases, and 6,272 deaths due to the disease since the pandemic began. Now, I feel sad. All the way back in June, Canada had around the same number of cases, while Quebec had 50,000. Since then, the cases have doubled exponentially. 

There are now 9,220 active cases in the province, according to Quebec's Institute of Public Health

We need to stop this pandemic. Please follow safety protocols. Please wear a mask. And above all, please do NOT share food!

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