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Book Review: Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry

Book Review: Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry - By Felicia

“Forget Me Not”, a wonderful novel by Ellie Terry, tells the story of an astronomy-loving girl named Calliope June, who has Tourette syndrome. After moving into her new apartment, while Calli is putting her clothes in her apartment’s washing machine, she meets a boy names Jinsong who is her neighbor. At school, all the other kids make fun of her because of her Tourette syndrome tics, since no one knows about it. Since she has no other friends, Jinsong decides to walk her home every day. Throughout the year, while people make fun of her, Jinsong doesn’t stand up for her, because he is embarrassed about being her friend. On Valentine’s day, Calli asks to be Jinsong’s valentine, but Jinsong says no, because he doesn’t want the others to make fun of him. To make Calli feel better, Jinsong sets up a sugar cookie bribe for a boy named Kenny in the class to ask Calli to be his valentine. Hoping that Calli wouldn’t notice, Jinsong didn’t walk home with her. However, Calli did notice, and she was furious! To make up for it, Jinsong’s mom asks Calli to go to the carnival with their family. There, on top of the Ferris wheel, Jinsong finally gets the courage to scream: “I LIKE CALLI JUNE!” in front of all the popular kids at school. The popular kids finally accept her into their group, but just when she started to get comfortable in her new school, Calli’s mother marries another man named Reno without telling her about it. Calli knew what this meant: she was moving, again. It was devastating for Calli, but Calli and Jinsong stayed in touch for the rest of their lives.

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