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All about Shawn Mendes

All about Shawn Mendes - By Tay

Shawn Mendes is one of my favorite Falsetto singers. Falsetto is a method of voice production normally used by male tenors. My top 5 favorite songs by him is Intro, Wonder, Dream, Monster, and Look up at the Stars, which coincidentally were all released in his 2020 “Wonder” album

Here is the link to my Spotify Playlist for my Top 5.

Shawn Mendes is a Canadian Sing-Song writer starting off by singing songs in his bedroom with his guitar and uploading them to Youtube. Then he released his first song on June 26, 2014 called “Life of the Party.”

5 of his popular songs are Senorita, There’s nothing holding me back, Stitches, and In my Blood.

I discovered his new album, “Wonder” on the way to school in the car and I thought,”Wow this is good!.”

Hope you guys enjoyed this article.

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