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All about me and my friend’s new channel!

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

All about me and my friend’s new channel!

Hey guys it’s me! Today I am gonna talk to you about me and my friend’s new youtube channel. We did not post any videos yet but we are going to post them today! Our videos are gonna be mainly about adopt me and maybe other stuff but we are not sure yet. We really worked hard on this channel. Our channel name is Elistar and Lauristar sisters. We really hope you guys will like our videos and please subscribe to our channel and click the notifications button! And also for the people that always watch our videos… they might get their own exclusive video made just for them! The thing that I mean from the people who watch our videos a lot I mean that if you write a comment and use the code: “ELS” will have a video made only for them! I can’t wait to start doing videos! Bye guys!

This article was made by: Ellie Alan!

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