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All about birds of prey

All about birds of prey - By Alex

Birds of prey are raptors. Raptors are a group of birds that eat other animals. There are groups of raptors like eagles.

Eagles are big raptors. This is a bald eagle.The strongest eagle is the harpy eagle. There is a raptor checklist: It is strong talons for grabbing prey, sharp, curved and pointed beak for ripping on meat and sharp eyesight.

Then the falcons. They are smaller than the eagles but they still are raptors. This is a peregrine falcon. The fastest bird on earth. Reaching till 390 km/h.

Hawks are like eagles just smaller. The red tailed hawk can reach 190 km/h it is really fast! Hawks are really strong birds of prey.

This is a snowy owl. They are really cool. They could live up to the arctic circle. Their sharp beak is covered with fur. They are adapted to really cold weather.

Last is the vulture. They are scavengers. This is a turkey vulture, the only raptor with a sense of smell.

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Gaetano Sebastiani
Gaetano Sebastiani
27 janv. 2021

Very interesting! Bravo Alex!!!

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