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A Fun Way to End the Summer

A Fun Way to End the Summer - By Felicia

Hi everyone,

Since summer is ending, we all know that school will be starting, which means that we will be less free to work on the newspaper... That may seem sad, but don't worry; we have a fun way to end the summer coming right up! Watch this video until the end and you might catch a glimpse of what we're planning!


Have you watched the video but still have no clue what we're planning? Or are you too busy to watch the video? Either way, we're going to reveal it:

[drum roll...]

The Summer Bonus Edition of CookyLela News!

We will be showing a few bonus articles that will NOT be posted on Wix, as a surprise! The Summer Bonus Edition will not be as long as our regular editions, it will only be around 5 pages long... But we've prepared some extra-interesting articles that are sure to catch the eye of just about anyone! Be ready at precisely 6:00 PM tomorrow and don't miss it!

- Feli

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