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5 Dream SMP-themed Pumpkin Painting Ideas

5 Dream SMP-themed Pumpkin Painting Ideas

By Lela S. <0 (emoji represents mood)

You don’t have to be a genius to understand that it’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween. It’s already the 21st of October, which means there are exactly two hundred and forty hours until the big day. And guess what? There’s something I’m not too eager to admit… I HAVEN’T PUT UP MY HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS YET! But there’s a valid reason for this shameful claim: I’ve been spending all my free time (other than leveling up to 45 stars in Bedwars) painting some Dream SMP-themed pumpkins. If you aren’t too busy, and you feel like maybe your front yard could use some more October decor, this article is for you!

#5: Mini Striped Bench Trio Pumpkins (you can put these on the inside of your house, too!)

Tubbo, TommyInnit, and Ranboo

#4: Sapnap Aesthetic Pumpkin (even if you’re not a mcyt fan, this is still Halloween-coloured)

I put this one outside already! Sorry for the bad quality :c

#3: GeorgeNotFound Pumpkin (this by far took the longest to make, I’m still waiting for the last layer to dry :l)


#2: Dream Pumpkin (his smile has fangs!)

Isn't he amazing <3

#1: #TechnoSupport Poster (even though this isn’t a pumpkin, we all need to show the Blade some support right now)


Feel free to copy, use, or modify any of these pumpkins for your own decorations!

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