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5-0: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel - Chapter 7

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

5-0: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel - Chapter 7 - By Lela S.

Chapter 7: Bruh is correct

A few days after the March break, I called Dylan and Zak, and they answered me right away.

"Dylan, I challenge you to a 1v1 in Minecraft. I'm pretty sure I'm going to beat you."

"Oh, and what makes you think that?" Dylan sneered.

"I beat Zak 5-4, Nick 5-2, and Toby 5-1." I said, proudly.

"That's not saying much, but okay." he replied. "Let's start."




The game started. Please don't laugh at me (Dylan in real life, you probably will), but I don't really know what happened in that game, okay? Actually, I know what happened: I lost. Big-time.

During the first round, I did my usual The Bridge routine: placing blocks under me while stabbing the control, W, and space buttons and keeping my fingers there for the entire game. I was at mid in seconds, but it seemed like Dylan wasn't faring so well.

"What?! I was lagging so bad! You scored before the game even loaded for me. That was so not fair." he complained.

"Dylan! Don't complain. You're going to beat her anyway." Zak butted in.

"Don't be so sure," I warned the two of them. "Zak, remember when I beat you 5-4?"

"Oh, SHUT UP."

As we were talking, we were still playing the game. Unlike when I played with Nick, Zak, and Toby, I couldn't use the tricks I learned with Dylan. Sure, I could block clutch, but I couldn't seem to knock him off, or, I don't know, do the thing I would do in my next duel with Zak.

Each time, Dylan seemed to outsmart me. Sure, I had scored 1-0. But the next of the game went completely upside down.

For the second round, I tried to rush towards his goal like the last time, only to be stopped by... a mysterious wall? I tried to mine through it, but before I could even switch to my pickaxe, a message appeared on my screen: The_Electrode scored (don't ask me, his name is weird, okay).


Zak and Dylan fell into hysteric laughter. "You didn't even see me!" Dylan said between giggles. 1-1.

During the third round, I tried to tower up and jump onto Dylan's bridge on top, but he killed me instantly. As I respawned, I tried to chase him around my goal, but he jumped in before I got a chance to swing. 2-1.

For the fourth one, I again tried to tower up and jump into Dylan's goal, but not before he could land a few hits on me, which lowered me down to three hearts. As I jumped into the goal, I was sure I could score... until he hit me in mid-air.


He then quickly killed me and jumped into my goal. 3-1.

For the fifth and sixth rounds, the same thing pretty much happened. 4-1, then finally 5-1. Honestly, I was just glad that I wasn't 5-0ed.

A few Bed Wars games later - where I actually got a decent amount of kills - Dylan had to leave for a piano class or something like that. Me and Zak said goodbye to him, then the fun began.

"Can we pleeeeeeeease play some The Bridge?" I pleaded.

"Wait. Let me finish the game." He was still alive in the last Bed Wars game that I played, so I decided to temporarily leave the party and play some Bed Wars Solos.

Apparently, at the start, I was green team. During this game, I have no idea what happened. It could have been that green was my lucky color, maybe it was the fact that Jax was also in the call, egging me on, or maybe it was the Dream speedrun music that Zak was playing in the background. Either way, something happened. Something... let's just say it was interesting...

For my bed defense, I made a simple one out of end stone and wool. As I placed my last block of wool, I looked up, only to find a yellow (my slang for a member of the yellow team) on top of my roof.

Quickly, I ran inside my base and got some materials: a stone sword and some backup wool. The yellow jumped down from the roof and almost destroyed my bed. Luckily, I hit him off the map before he could break the last block of end stone with his iron pickaxe.

Using his bridge, I ran towards his trash bed defense made only of wool and fireballed it. I know this was a waste of resources, but the thing is, it also knocked HIM off the map, a second time. His exposed bed was easy to destroy, and he was even easier to kill.

My next target was aqua team. They had a small bed defense made out of end stone, so I took out my iron pickaxe and quickly destroyed their bed. Aqua team was trying to rush pink at the same time, and conveniently, a few seconds after I destroyed the bed, pink killed aqua.

Using pink's bridge, I sprinted to aqua, who was in their base, oblivious to my existence. I quickly destroyed their bed, which was also defended by only wool. However, the moment I destroyed pink's bed, somebody else had destroyed mine. Gray team, to be exact. Lucky for me, aqua was a big noob, and I managed to kill them pretty easily.

Now for gray. I was really close to their base, so I started bridging to gray's base. But before I could even switch to my wool, white team, who had somehow lost their bed along the way, obliterated gray team without any hesitation or difficulty.

At that moment, it was just me and white, since red and blue had eliminated themselves, white had eliminated gray, and I had eliminated everyone else. For a few minutes, I decided to gather resources, such as diamond supplies as well as fireballs, ender pearls, golden apples, invisibility potions, you get the message. I was really prepared.

Then, we met up in the middle. Turns out all those extra supplies weren't necessary. I easily managed to combo white team off the map. Final kill, and VICTORY! Oh yeah, and one more thing: I never died, not even once.

All that time, I was sharing my screen to Zak and Jax. They were both silent. Finally, Zak spoke up.

"Callie, that was POGGERS!" he said.

"WOWWWW! GREAT JOB!" Jax encouraged.

"Thanks! Yeah, Zak. This is what happens when Callie goes full tryhard. Now, let's duel in The Bridge."

He /dueled me, just like last time. Again, I have no idea what happened in this battle. The music was still playing, and Jax was still hanging out in the call. Maybe April 8th was just my lucky day. Yeah, April 8th was the day when I went full tryhard.




The game started. Again, as always, I used my master technique: placing blocks under me and looking up periodically as I sprinted towards his base. A little past mid, I looked up and attacked Zak. I killed him… surprisingly easily? And after eating another golden apple, I jumped towards his goal. Zak tried to stop me, but with almost zero effort I was able to knock him into his own goal, then I jumped in right after him. Score! 1-0.

“Bruh.” Zak said.

“Bruh is correct. Finally you realize how powerful I can be. FINALLY you now know what happens when Callie goes full tryhard.”

For the next few rounds, you know exactly what happened. I was the game and the game was me. The mouse was slipping from my hands. My lips were cracked and dry, but I didn’t care. All I cared about was that I was WINNING for real, fair and square. Soon, the score became 4-0. I was pretty confident that I would win (I didn’t say it out loud, though) so I relaxed a bit with that round. Turns out that was a reAlly big mistake. Oh yeah, and notice that I didn’t say “the last round”, because it wasn’t the last round. It was definitely not the last round.

This lack of concentration made me lose my focus for the ENTIRE NEXT THREE ROUNDS. Yes, you read that right. THREE ROUNDS. THREE entire rounds. At that point, the score was 4-2. In the next mini-battle, Zak killed me, but I just managed to lower him down to half a heart. The next few seconds passed in slow motion. He jumped into my goal, but I leaped in after him… and HIT HIM IN MID-AIR. He was so close. A millisecond later and he would have scored. But I killed him, and one minute later, I won. 5-2. Again, not 5-0, but 5-2.

Note: This actually happened in real life (not the 5-2 part though, that was actually a 5-4 where I lost) so a REAL-LIFE clip of this happening will be available shortly. I'm not kidding.

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