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5-0: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel - Chapter 5

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

5-0: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel - Chapter 5

By Lela S.

Chapter 5: Training

After that conversation, I was SO HAPPY!!!!! I was grinning from ear to ear. It was a little too obvious, though, so Jax and BadBoyHalo Darryl helped me figure out a cover story. Apparently, Jax’s 19-year-old brother Darryl was playing Minecraft with me, and Jax just got Minecraft, so he’s also playing. Before the spring break, we just played casually. Then, when the break started, we went hardcore.

For 2 hours every day for two weeks, our plan was to practice a new skill every day, and master it, with a few breaks in between to play something relaxing like Hide and Seek or Party Games.

The first day was a Monday. On Discord, Darryl added me, Jax, and another girl named… Blair?

“Darryl? Jax? Who’s Blair?” I asked.

“Darryl? Jax? Who’s Callie?” she asked at the exact same time.

“Uhhhhhhhh… well… Callie is my friend from school who definitely needs training in Minecraft RIGHT NOW. And Blair… Am I supposed to - “ Jax answered, kind of nervous.

“Just say both.” Darryl reassured him, smirking.

“Okay. Blair, also known as Drista -”

“WHAT?! DRISTA!?!??!?!?!?!? NO. YOU’RE KIDDING.” I shouted.

“Shhhhhh,” Jax warned. “Let me continue. Blair, also known as Drista, is going to be trained along with you. Apparently, according to the cover story, she’s my 14-year-old big sister.”

“WHAT?! WHAT THE MUFFIN?!?!?!???” This was… unexpected.

“It’s a cover story. Relax.” Jax reassured me.

So after that, we just played Minecraft for Darryl to get to know my skillset. We played Bed Wars for a bit, but I didn’t get ANY KILLS AT ALL, and DRISTA got like 100 kills. It was just sad. I think the main problem was that I didn’t use a mouse, not because I was just bad at the game.

I was bad at the game. Past tense. Until, a few days later, I built my own gaming PC. That’s right, I built my own gaming computer! I won’t give you all the details right now, but I took a class to learn about the basics, and I bought all the parts. Then, I assembled it. Long story short, after a few tries, I got it to work!!!! I was so excited to try it.

My first Bed Wars game on the PC was a success. I manage to destroy four beds, get around 8-10 kills, and almost win. I would have won if I had not fireballed myself by accident. It was just sad. But I came close! I was using a Razer DeathAdder v1 mouse, and it was really good and gave me a high CPS.

When I texted the news to Darryl, Jax, and Blair, this was their reaction:

6:02 PM @calliecaca (Callie): I BUILT MY OWN GAMING PC POGGGGGG

6:02 PM @houndoum (Jax): EPICCC!!!!!! CONGRATS I KNEW U COULD DO IT!!!!!!

6:04 PM @saintsofgames (Darryl): Nice!

6:13 PM @blairthedreamer (Blair): gj sis lets do this

Our next vc was on Wednesday, with Darryl, and Jax and Blair were there to encourage me. I was pretty confident that my skills would get SO MUCH BETTER in those two hours. And they did.

“Okay, let’s play a game of The Bridge.” Darryl said.

3... 2... 1... The game started.

"The plan is that I teach you a few skills, then you play using those skills. Got it?" Darryl asked.

"Got it. What's the first thing?"

"The first thing is block clutching. Go on, knock me off the bridge with blocks." I then knocked him off, and to my surprise, he placed a block under him and saved himself.

"Wait, what? That's exactly what Dylan did in our 1v1!" I exclaimed.

"Who's Dylan?"

"A fri-” I hesitated. “I mean, a gamer guy in my class who’s really good at the game."

“Nice! So here’s what you do. Point the cursor down, throw yourself backward off the bridge, and place a block under you.”

“Okay!” I then tried but failed to block clutch. And I kept trying multiple times. I never gave up. And then, a miracle happened: I managed to actually place the block. I actually didn’t fall.

“I DID IT!!!!!!” I screeched. I FINALLY DID IT!!!!”

“NICEEE!” Jax encouraged. Note that Blair didn’t say anything.

“Good job! Okay, now keep doing it. I’ll keep trying to push you off.”

So he kept trying. At first, I fell off a couple times, but eventually, my block clutch became perfect, even when he switched to a sword.

“Wow Callie, I’m impressed that you’re actually getting better!” Dri Blair said.

“Nice!” Darryl said. “Now we’ll both try to knock each other off, and try to block clutch. I’ll use blocks and you can use a pickaxe.”

I actually managed to kill him multiple times and knock him off. Actually, we both had 100% accuracy on our block clutches, but when he clutched, I jumped down and knocked him off.

“I’m impressed! Now, let’s take it to the next level. When you block clutch, as soon as you land, start pressing Control + W + A/D and spam click with your mouse. By doing that, you could “wall bridge” as some people like to call it.” He then demonstrated, and he started from his goal and went to mine in a couple of seconds.

“Wow! Let me try.” I then went to the other side and managed to bridge to the middle before falling off.

“Impressive! Keep on going. Keep practicing your wall bridge.”

And so I did. As the days passed, I gradually improved. My PvP skills were better but still trash, but I improved a lot in almost every other area. After around 48 hours of fun but still hard work with Darryl, Jax, and Blair, I was ready. On Friday, I texted a few of Dylan’s friends, Zak, Nick, and Toby:

7:23 PM @calliecaca: Saturday 1-3 PM. Bring on the next duel.

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