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10 unusual donut flavours you should try

10 unusual donut flavours you should try - By Felicia

Who doesn't love donuts? We all have our favourites — but no fighting over whether the best is maple dip, chocolate glazed or the traditional vanilla! Yes, the donut is the little snack that everyone loves to eat by the dozen.

Every year, you hear about some baker out there who’s invented some new flavour to tempt your taste buds! Here are 10 unusually creative ones that you might want to give a try:

A donut with a crunch

What's better than a yummy donut covered in icing? How about one with icing and Captain Crunch cereal! Soft and crunchy at the same time, dessert and breakfast in one snack. Yum!


Snap, crackle and pop!

If Captain Crunch isn't your cereal of choice, maybe this donut will do the trick. How about a raised donut covered in chocolate frosting, peanut butter and Rice Krispies cereal! Puffed rice goodness!


Raspberry striped goodness

This ooey, gooey, stick-to-your-fingers white chocolate icing and raspberry ribbon cake donut sort of looks like a candy cane! Yum!


Just a little bit of red dust!

You've probably had sprinkles on your donuts, but what about dust? This cake donut, which looks super tasty, is covered in cheesecake icing and raspberry dust! Yes, dust!


Bring on the lime pie!

This donut is a strange looking square shape and it’s covered in tart key lime pie-flavoured icing and glaze. Makes your mouth go all puckered!


When you just have to have bacon!

This donut starts off pretty simple. It's covered in yummy, gooey maple glaze. Then they pile on the crispy bacon — and lots of it! You know, that sounds really good.


Top it off with cheese

Ever want to make a grilled cheese sandwich but you couldn't find any bread? Not a problem. Just use a donut instead. Problem solved!


It's a total knock out!

This isn't your usual variety donut. It's shaped like a boxing glove! It's with mango/passion fruit curd and topped with a red raspberry glaze. Sweet!


Blowing bubbles

Who would have thought to put vanilla frosting, bubble gum dust (you can get gum dust?), and a piece of bubble gum on a raised donut! I wonder if you can blow bubbles after you eat this one.


It’s lettuce time

This donut isn't sweet like all the others. It's filled with vegetables such as lettuce and seasonings!

You drooling yet?

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