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Legend of Zelda Game and Watch releasing in November!

Legend of Zelda Game and Watch releasing in November!


Hey Guys! The new Legend of Zelda Game and Watch will be released on November 12th. If you did not know, I am a HUGE Nintendo fan, and I already have the Super Mario Bros. Game and Watch (REVIEW COMING SOON). This Game and Watch is a Legend of Zelda experience that fits in the palm of your hand. It features 3 games from the Legend of Zelda series. It will come with the original Legend of Zelda game, Zelda 2:The Adventures of Link, and the Gameboy version, Link’s Awakening. It also comes with the game Vermin, with the character you play as Link. Now the Watch part of the Game & Watch. It comes with 2 playable watch settings! This makes it fun even when you are not playing the actual games themselves. These cool games and settings makes it fun to have. Legend of Zelda Game & Watch, Available from Nintendo November 12th!

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